I can remember the first time I was able to do creative writing — in the second grade with Mrs. Hearn, my wonderful teacher and lifelong friend, having us write about what we wanted to be when we grew up. While I wrote then about wanting to be a veterinarian (nope, didn’t happen), I was gifted with the possibility of putting words on paper and having someone read them, maybe teach them something, give them an idea or concept to ponder, make them feel a certain way.

Since then, I’ve relished most every opportunity I have had to share my words with the world. From drafting fundraising marketing materials to providing page after page of copy for new websites to drafting articles for a sailing site, sitting down in front of a keyboard stimulates my brain and stirs my motivation to help others see or understand something.

Whether you want to showcase yourself to the world but stumble over the words to do that or love to write but just can’t find the time because you’re managing so many other aspects of your business, I’m happy to review your writing needs and discuss how my freelance services can help change your situation for the better.

To review some of my more recent writings, see the various examples below:


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